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Yip Yuen Hong

of ipli Architects

Yip Yuen Hong is the co-founder of ipli Architects, alongside his partner Lee Ee Lin.His design practice seeks simplicity in form and space, resulting in poignant and articulate architectural forms, soulful and timeless. Yuen Hong’s works are often pragmatic with a conceptual or exploratory touch.

The multi-award (including four-time President’s Design Award) recipient pursues a harmonious relationship between site and structure, creating profound forms with a discerning touch of tropical brutalism and sensitivity. ipli Architects was founded in 2001 with the founders’ intent of providing each project thepersonal attention it deserves, while considering the economics of running a business. Selective in their commissions, ipli Architects approaches each project with vigorous design explorations and detailing throughout the work, to create personal and poignant architectural pieces that revolutionises modern living.

Peter Tay

of Peter Tay Studio

Peter Tay is the craftsman behind the interiors of many high-profile artists and brands, including being the interior designer for Zhang Ziyi, Wang Leehom, and Zoe Tay. With an international reputation for delicate and tastefully layered designs, he deftly manoeuvres perception of space. In 2013, Peter published his monograph, which was launched in Kyoto, Hong Kong and Singapore that year. He has participated in the “Time-Space-Existence” exhibition at Palazzo Bembo at the Venice Biennale, Italy in 2014, supported by EXTRA Designs and the DesignSingapore Council. Peter Tay’s designs yield a contemporary panache, and explore the duality of the interior and exterior. His inspiring works have earned him the Designer of the Year award at the President’s Design Awards in 2014.

Wong Chee Yuen & Ong Sok Chun

of Salad Dressing

Wong Chee Yuen is a trained architect and the Project Director of Salad Dressing. He has completed projects all around the world, with a main focus to organically express both the cultural and natural beauty of the land.

Ong Sok Chun is a graduate of Universiti Putra Malaysia, and a Director in Salad Dressing. She maintains a strong belief that landscape design should always tie back to the history of the land, and her interpretation of tropical garden design has developed and transformed the organisation over ten years.

Salad Dressing is a landscape design firm, founded in 2002. The company consists of landscape designers, gardeners, and architects who challenge boundaries of design of domesticated landscapes based on the rainforest, biodiversity, the immateriality of nature and its timeless relationship with humans. The company’s portfolio includes a wide array of residential developments, gardens, resorts, and commercial projects throughout Asia. They also create artworks, installations, and interior designs based on the charm of the land.

Kelley Cheng

of The Press Room

An architect by training, Kelley Cheng is the founder of The Press Room and a modern day polymath who has taken on numerous creative roles. Apart from running The Press Room she has served as the Editor-in-Chief for the Singapore Architect magazine from 2009 - 2016, and founded the iconic design magazine ish in 1999. As a creative director of a multi-disciplinary design consultancy, her graphic and branding projects include the Youth Olympic Games, Artstage Singapore, and the Singapore Writers’ Festival 2014.

The Press Room is a multi-disciplinary design agency with a versatile and diverse portfolio, specialising in content creation and multimedia communication. With a niche for crafting subtle yet powerful narratives, the studio strives to engage audiences by breathing character into their designs, building unique and lasting identities. The Press Room engages creatively and critically with publishing and design projects spanning branding campaigns for iLight Marina light art festival for the URA, the Golden Point Award, The National Gallery Singapore, and the Singapore Pavilion “Paradoxity” in Yeosu World Expo in Korea, amongst many others. With a strong editorial background The Press Room wields mastery in interpretive design, making them a powerhouse in exhibition graphics design and design across all 2D and 3D media.

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